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Top Quality Timing Belt Kits Built With Top Quality Parts

We construct timing belt kits from the best quality timing belts, water pumps, tensioners, valve cover gaskets, seals, springs, and thermostats available. From years of interaction with top level manufacturers like Bando, Aisin, Koyo, and Contitech, along with detailed reviews from our customers, we are able to determine which brands of parts are the most durable and perform the best. We use only high-quality parts, from trusted manufacturers in our timing belt and tune-up kits, and we provide you with everything you need to get the job done right. If you've got the tools and the know-how, we've got the parts.

Quality OEM Parts


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Looking For Domestic Manufacturers?

While we specialize in quality timing belt and tune-up kits for import cars, we have the resources to put together a kit for virtually any automobile. If you are looking for a timing belt kit, or tune up kit for your Chevy, Ford, GMC, Lincoln, or other domestic manufacturer, we can help! Call us @ 1-703-626-7183, or use our convenient contact form to let us know what you need. We'll have you back on the road in no time!

  • Trusted By Professional And DIY Mechanics For 30+ Years!

    For more than three decades home mechanics, auto repair shops, and dealerships have trusted us to deliver quality timing belt and tune-up kits right to their door. With over 7000 cutomer reviews and a 5 star rating, you can trust Timing Belt Kits to provide quality parts and service every time.

  • "Huge savings over OEM parts, and excellent quality!"

    "Over the past 5 years or so, I'm sure I've done timing belt/water pump jobs on a dozen Accord 2.3L. Each time I've used genuine Honda parts, which is always my preference. This time, the budget for the car I'm working on dictated that we go the budget route. I ordered this kit, and must say - very impressive! All parts are branded just as the ad states, and I found the quality of those parts to be top notch. I'd use this kit again any day ... huge savings over OEM parts, and excellent quality." " Market525 - Amazon Customer

    5 stars
  • "Totally blown away with the value for money!"

    "My Mechanics and myself were impressed with the completeness of the timimg belt kit.Bought this kit for a Jananeese domestic 1999 2.0 v-Tech CF4 engine Honda Accord .The timining belt and the balance belt were made in Germany all the others were totally top branded parts too. The packaging was beyond excellent ;Powered by amazon efficency in delivery these guys will do great with sales.Buy these parts you will not regret it ..totally blown away with the value for money." Concerned Shopper - Amazon Customer

    5 stars
  • "Wasn't missing a thing in the kit..."

    "My mechanic opened this kit and was like, this is awesome, this is awesome, this is great. So I think the reviews I read that sold me on the kit in the first place we're absolutely spot on. He said I wasn't missing a thing in the kit either so right on +1 for Amazon again."Dan Hendricks - Amazon Customer

    5 stars
  • "Had everything you would want and need..."

    "This kit is great for the do it yourself kind of person. It had everything you would want and need for this type of maintenance on your Toyota. Went in with no problems at all. Everything fit great. Quality looked good. Mines been in over 6 months now and no problems." Ben Smith - Amazon Customer

    5 stars
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