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Our customers love us and we love them back with super fast shipping, the best quality parts, and an ongoing commitment to provide the best customer experience! From DIY mechanics to repair shops and dealerships, our timing belt and tune up kits have helped keep thousands of cars on the road! Don’t get just any kit, get a TBK Kit - you’ll be glad you did! If you've got the tools and know-how, we've got the kit!


"I just received this kit today. I'm pretty impressed. For the price I was a little worried it might have some cheap Chinese knock off parts. Well, happily, it came with a "made in Japan" Bando timing belt, made in USA Bando accessory belts, genuine Toyota tensioner assembly (it's pre-compressed so it eliminates the need for a $30 special tensioner compressor). GMB idler bearings, 82 degree C thermostat (no brand), Aisin water pump, which pleased me, as the photo shows GMB. Aisin is the OEM brand, and is same company that builds the transmission for the 3rd Gen 4Runners. The water pump is also the newer metal gasket kind, so you don't need to mess with the Toyota black sealant. Also included are cam and crank seals which I'm hoping I won't need, but nice to have on hand. Also, shipping was really fast, I received it the day after I ordered it!" Matt - Amazon Customer

"A $400-500 Kit Wasn't This Complete!"

"I recently purchased a used vehicle whose timing belt had never been changed. My mechanic advised that I might as well do a complete kit considering the labor involved and extent of dis-assembly involved. I shopped around online and showed him this kit. He was surprised by the cost, stating that he sourced them locally, and a $400-500 kit often wasn't this complete. When it arrived, he was surprised by the quality of the kit, and said that it was all at least OEM quality or better. I can't recommend this kit enough!" Josh H. - Amazon Customer

"High Quality OEM Parts Without Dealership Pricing!"

"For a do it yourself guy, this is perfect. Nobody want's to spend the weekend in the garage puting cheap parts in their Toyota. These are high quality, and a couple of them,like the gaskets and tensioner are actaully Toyota factory sealed originals. No complaints here and the price is better than the Toyota parts room by a wide margin. If you aren't fond of Autozone, NAPA, and O'Reillys mystery parts, this is your solution." Anotherflyer - Amazon Customer

"Very Impressed With This Package!"

"What more can I say product suprised me. Everything was high quality O.E.M or equivalent. Very impressed with this package it has everthing you need for a proper timing belt job. The price was great. I could not even come close to this price where I live and I deal with every partshouse in the area. Will definetly purchase from these guys again and shipping was way quicker than expected. I can say I am a very happy customer." Larry- Amazon Customer

"Bulletproof Parts, Fast Shipping, Easy Installation"

"I co-signed a loan for a 2000 VW Beetle for my son and found out after buying it that the mileage already on the car meant (by VW standards) the timing belt had to be changed. I called my local VW shop (in August 2012) and found out the total cost for a timing belt replacement was over $1300. They were out of their minds!! I purchased this entire repair kit, watched how to install it on YouTube, started on a Saturday morning and finished early on that same Saturday in the early afternoon. All the parts fit where they should, all were well made and now my son's car is good to go for another 90.000 miles. What can I say except - bulletproof parts, fast shipping, easy installation and top quality items mean happy driving for many years ahead. I would definitely use these guys again." Iron Mike - Amazon Customer

"Awesome Deal!"

"This kit was an Awesome Deal! The parts are all made in Germany and the USA. They are above average quality; and a much better price than I could find locally for Asian parts, that are usually not made very well. I would order the Schley spanner wrench: SCH86400 from Amazon, as it will save you time on the installation ( I made one but it took 30 minutes and a welder). I installed this kit myself in about 5 hours with the VW Manual and instructions from Youtube. I was quoted $2200 at a local garage for parts and labor; so the overall savings were tremendous. If you have access to a clean work area and basic mechanical knowledge you could probably install this kit yourself in a day. Watch 3 or 4 of the video's as they are all a bit different and together give you a great idea of the amount of work required to install this kit." Paul H. - Amazon Customer

"Great Kit!"

"I put this in my 1997 4runner V6 5vz-fe and I have to say this is a GREAT KIT! I put this kit in about 10,000 miles ago and everything is solid. Uses lots of OEM parts so I was confident in this part while I was putting it in. No surprise parts missing, no needing to make parts fit. Really a great kit for anyone who just wants to get 1 item that has everything you need to do a major service for you yota engine. It is easy on the pocket as well." Gnaro - Amazon Customer

"Everything I Needed To Complete The Task!"

"Well, my wife's car has reached another milestone, and it is time for another timing belt replacement. This time I decided to give it an extra treatment with some pulleys and seals and it's second water pump. This had everything that I needed to complete this task. It is the first one that I had bought on-line. Everything looked top notch and the install went without a hitch. I didn't have the crankshaft pulley tool the first time I did this, I had to make my own, so if you don't have one, you will need it, 181 foot pounds of torque required, since I still had my tool, I didn't need to this time either." Buckhunter - Amazon Customer

"Exactly What I Was Looking For ...!"

"This is exactly what I was looking for in a package. Pricing was right and packaging was done well. Used this on a 2001 Honda Accord EX-L 4 cylinder engine to change my timing belt and other parts in that vicinity of the engine. Parts are high quality." Soundfi - Amazon Customer

"Best Price I've Seen Anywhere!"

"Best price I've seen anywhere! I had my mechanic install this kit about 10,000 miles ago, and I haven't had a single problem so far. My 4runner is running just fine. Some of the parts aren't OEM, such as the timing belt itself, but it's still a heck of a good price over what a dealership would charge. The kit also comes with cam seals, which your mechanic will charge extra to install, but go ahead and do it while he's got the engine apart." Black Bowler - Amazon Customer

"Awesome Replacement Parts!"

"I purchased this for my 1993 Corolla 1.8L (98000 miles), that was not maintained properly prior to my purchase and sounded like it was falling apart. Basically replaced every component under the hood then it was time for this job. All four belts, a/c, pwr steering, alternator, and timing belt along with the water pump and gaskets included with this kit. This car runs better than NEW! Awesome replacement parts. Having a brother-in-law in the mechanic biz, saved me over $700.00. If you have someone with good mechanic knowledge and want to save a lot of moolah, these are the parts for you when the time comes to change the belts! THANKS!" Ericwp5 - Amazon Customer

"A++ For This Kit!"

"Very nice kit with excellent quality replacement parts. ALL belts, bearings, water pump were OEM quality. I read several articles online and did extensive research about which brand of parts to "USE" or "DO NOT USE" for this project. This kit included all the great quality "USE" products. I mainly purchased this kit because it had an AISIN water pump which was highly recommended from all my research as the best replacement pump. You would not want to have to redo this in depth job b/c of using a cheap water pump offered in other kits. Many horror stories on Honda forums of completing this overhaul using a cheap water pump and having it leak within a few thousand miles. With the water pump being behind the timing belt it would result in another complete tear down to replace. Don't skimp, GET THIS KIT! Better to cry a little up front because of the higher initial cost rather than cry later AND have to spend more $$ when it has to be completely redone. A++ for this kit from me." Andrew Calvin - Amazon Customer

"The Way This Kit Should Be Sold For All Cars!"

"This is the way this set should be sold for all cars. This is a "complete timing belt kit". This company took all the guess work out of this job. Thank you very much. Saved me time and money from shipping parts from here and there. I'll order from you again in the future. If other companys would do this for thier customers they might of had my business. They are too lazy. Thank you." Told You So - Amazon Customer

"Great Buy For The Price!"

"The kit came complete with quality parts. The seals, water pump and valve cover appeared to be of good quality. The belt does not have a name on it, just part numbers. I received a npw.water pump, koyo tensioner, tho seals, bando drive belts. I only have 1500 miles on my kit, but I Am.more.than happy. Great buy for the price. Fast shipping also, I had my within the week." Drew 8 - Amazon Customer

"My Mechanic Couldn't Come Close To The Price!"


"Entire Set Looks Perfect!"

"I have an '04 Sienna that I purchased this set for. I almost never leave reviews for the pieces that I purchase. This set however is not only a really great price, but it is great parts as well. All OEM grade, and Japan made. Koyo bearings, Nissan waterpump, top shelf cam and front main shaft seals. The entire set looks perfect." Mitch L. - Amazon Customer

"Quality Product For A Great Price!"

"A quality product for a great price. Its always a better deal when all the parts you need to do a complete job is included in a kit. This eliminates the confusion of purchasing the items separately, where things usually go wrong. Yep! "I got what I needed all in one shot". Mahalo Nui! Amazon......." Ray Carvalho - Amazon Customer

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