***Country of origin for individual parts may vary.

$ 191.98

Timing Belt Kit Infiniti QX4 1997-2000


  • Timing belt
  • Water pump with gasket
  • Thermostat and gasket
  • Timing belt tensioner
  • All accessory drive belts
  • Two camshaft seals
  • Front crankshaft seal
  • Timing tensioner spring

The water pump brand is GMB The timing belt is Bando or Mitsuboshi the drive belts are Bando and Conti-tech, the tensioner spring is factory Nissan. The timing belt tensioner brand is GMB.   This kit will service all 1997-2000 Infiniti QX4's. A 1997-2000 QX4 should have a 6 cylinder, 3.3L engine with a engine code of VG33E. Services years: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000.

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